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Gay male naturist holiday, guesthouse/B&B accommodation in Andalucia, Spain

Los Curriches gay-owned accommodation offers the perfect holiday in Andalucia, Spain. Exclusively for men.

Your hosts, Grant and Steve, have been together since 2001 and we emigrated from England to Spain in 2004. We adore the warmer climate, the wonderful countryside/mountains, and the terrific beaches here.

We love meeting our guests and telling them about this marvellous undiscovered area of southern Spain. You are assured of a very warm welcome and a fantastic holiday here at Los Curriches, and we look forward to seeing you here very soon!

We often use the pool to cool off in so we are likely to see you then, but you are also welcome to come and have a chat or a drink with us anytime; or to join us to watch a movie!.

We are very keen hikers and also enjoy exploring the remote coastline using sea kayaks. It would be great to have you join us on our hikes in the local nature reserves and for canoe trips along the coastline.

“Curriches” doesn't mean anything in Spanish, but the property has been called Los Curriches for more than 400 years, therefore it took no time at all for us to decide to keep this name.

We do all that we can to be eco-friendly at Los Curriches. We have put two sets of plumbing into the properties so that we can recycle the shower water to re-use on our gardens. We use only recycled water to irrigate the gardens, never fresh water. The swimming pool is covered at night in order to reduce the evaporation of water from the pool, which happily also keeps the heat from escaping overnight so that the water is a lovely 32 Centigrade during the summer months! And we use solar panels to provide the property with a very environmentally friendly supply of hot water for the majority of the year.
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