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A map showing where our recommended self-guided hikes/walks/treks are located.

Click on the map for a higher resolution version of the map.

Walk locations

The following is a brief description of the best local walks which we have explored and mapped.
Detailed directions and maps for each hike are available in each villa.

Difficulty Length (km) Max Height (m) Height Gain (m) Walk Name Walk Summary
1-Trivial You decide!     Sightseeing around Comares village Comares is a lovely white village with narrow, cobbled streets, in a spectacular cliff-top setting, with wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. Great for a short stroll in a quaint village setting.
  You decide!     Sightseeing around Frigiliana village Frigiliana old town is a beautifully preserved white village, with steep, cobbled narrow backstreets, with lots of hidden plazas, courtyard gardens and quirky buildings. Very good for a shady stroll, with the occasional stop to sit outside a picturesque bar and enjoy the sights and sounds.
  You decide!     Sightseeing around Malaga old city The historic old city of Malaga is actually stuffed with historic buildings, museums, art galleries, churches, roman ruins, parks and squares. Definitely worth a visit, but it can be very hot in the summer so the ascent to the Castillo de Gibralfaro might be too much to attempt, but the Alcazaba museum and roman ruins at the base of the fortifications are also excellent.
2-Easy 1.5
1000 50 El Torcal Natural Park short loops Stunning rock formations make this a must-see area of outstanding natural beauty and you will probably be taking so many photographs of the rocks and the views that you'll be surprised at how long it will take you to complete 1 of the 2 well marked circular walks!
  5.8 1348 290 Robledal short loop It's quite a long drive for this short walk, but the drive there is very scenic and you can drive back a different route. If you do not intend to do one of the longer Robledal walks, then it's worth considering this one as it is one of the few good short walks on the north of the mountain range, and therefore gives you views to the (often snow-capped) Sierra Nevada's.
  5.9 886 335 Montes de Malaga forest loop via Lagar Chinchilla ruins A favourite short walk of ours: lots of shade, varied walking, good views with the chance of seeing wild boar (before they disappear into the trees!)
2-Easy to 4-Tough 4.2
Alcazar short loops Both walks offer terrific scenery and are probably the shortest walks in our area with such great views. The last few kilometres of the drive to the trailhead are spectacular, and you get a real feeling of height on this walk as the mountains drop away quite dramatically below the walking trails.
3-Moderate 6.3 715 453 Walk from Los Curriches to the rock paintings semi-loop This is a simple walk, straight from Los Curriches. The prehistoric rock paintings (4,500 years old!) are some of the best in Spain. There is a great picnic spot by the rock paintings, and it is worth the walk through the lovely local countryside, even if you aren't interested in the rock paintings! The groves of almond trees which you walk through are in full blossom in February and look fantastic.
  7.3 168 459 Coastal ½ loop via Cañuelo & Cantarriján beaches This is a lovely coastal walk via 3 beaches in the Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs nature reserve. The walk also passes a historic lookout tower.
835 600 El Pinarillo loop Good views along the coast and, on a very clear day, across to Africa. Excellent mountain views too! It is possible to combine this walk with a visit to the Nerja Caves (amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations); or to visit one of the excellent beaches along the coast after the walk.
  8.9 871 548 Casabermeja Zambra watchtower loop A pleasant, rural walk to the Moorish Zambra watchtower above Casabermeja, which has great 360 degree views.
889 450 Montes de Malaga forest loop via Chincilla stream This is an easy walk, close to Los Curriches, using forestry tracks and leafy paths. This walk has an 'off the beaten track' feel as it uses paths which even mountain bikes can't go down and which most walkers haven't discovered.
  11.0     Frigiliana ridge and canyon ¾ loop, plus sightseeing in the village Definitely worth doing some sightseeing in the charming old town of Frigiliana first. Then a scenic combination of ridge walk and river gorge return, with good views into the foothills of the Almijara mountains.
3-Moderate to 4-Tough 7.6
Canillas de Aceituno loop via Cueva de Rabite The views on the way up are excellent and there is the chance to see birds of prey along the route. The nice thing about this walk is that you have the choice at the 3 km point as to whether to do the short loop or the long loop!
1415 718 Pico de Vilo semi-loop A varied walk, starting in the white village of Alfanate, with great views from Vilo Peak over Lake Viñuela, the Three Peaks, The Camarolos mountains and even the Sierra Nevada mountains. The longer route brings you back into Alfanate along the remains of a Roman road with the chance to stop at the oldest inn in Andalucía!
  13.3 517 646 Rural loop south of Riogordo A pleasant walk with lots of open views across countryside and great views of the beatiful village of Comares.
4-Tough 6.4 1264 588 Sierra de Cabras loop In places, this is more of a tough scramble than a hike, with a very difficult descent down a narrow rocky gorge - only for the adventurous! But there are great views of the Abdalajis valley and down to the sea at Malaga.
1423 726 Sierra de Camarolos loops This is a fabulous walk, one of our favourites, and is in the mountains opposite Los Curriches. The walk is full of hidden pastures and gorges, with sheer cliffs towering above the route and extensive views across the whole of the Axarquia region.
  8.1 1400 815 Salares to Casa Cuascuadro ¾ loop This is a nice walk, with great views from the high point and an unusual walk along a small aqueduct early in the route. The views from Casa Cascuadro at the half-way point are really terrific and these ruins are a great place to stop for lunch while admiring the stunning panoramas down to the sea.
  Up to
    Tajo Almendron canyon out-and-back FANTASTIC scenery, along a wonderful deep river gorge, but some scrambling required where the ancient pathways have been washed away. Towering cliffs make for great views the whole way, and you can turn back at any time along the route.
  13.2 693 791 Comares loop A very rural, countryside walk with lots of views of the village of Comares, sitting on top of the sheer cliffs. And once in Comares, lots of views from its spectacular cliff top setting down to the coast and across to Maroma.
  14.0     Three Peaks loop This walk circumnavigates the Three Peaks (Tres Altas), giving lots of different views: some farmland views, some mountain views. And not too much up-and-down!
4-Tough to 5-Strenuous Up to
590 723 Chillar river gorge Eastern loop Terrific river gorge walk, preceded by a fabulous mountain ridge walk. In places, the gorge is literally just 2m wide, with sheer rock cliffs rising high above you. In late Spring/early summer, there are some lovely pools and waterfalls to cool off in.
  Up to
2069 980 Robledal to Maroma out-and-back This is one of our favourite walks, as the views are magnificent the whole way and it has a really remote feel. You can turn back at any time if you are feeling tired or you are running out of time. There are panoramic views from the top of Mount Maroma - the highest mountain in Axarquia at 2069 meters.
4-Tough to 6-Severe 9.6
El Torcal long loop via Camorro Alto This is a fantastic walk in the popular El Torcal park but, even on busy days, this route remains a quiet, hidden gem. The rock formations are fantastic for the whole walk. If you choose to climb Camorro Alto, the cliff-top views from the summit are breath-taking!
5-Strenuous 10.8 1416 1013 Tajo Almendron mountain and gorge loop We cannot praise this walk highly enough. It is one of our very favourites! STUNNING mountain scenery, and a return route along ancient mule trails in a lovely forested gorge.
6-Severe 16.0 2069 1138 Robledal long loop via Mount Maroma Unparalleled panoramic mountain-top views, climbing to the summit of Mount Maroma via remote, forested paths, rocky canyons and mountain ridges. A very demanding walk, but with great rewards!
  Up to
2069 1223 Alcazar to Maroma out-and-back This walk up to the summit of Maroma is reasonably graded but makes a total climb on the walk of over 1200m, so to do the full walk is quite a challenge. The views from the top are breathtaking, but excellent views can be seen along the majority of the route.

Note that when converting the walk distances into walk durations, you need to take into account both the altitude and the height gain during the hike.

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