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Gay walking/hiking holidays in the Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama mountains, Axarquia, Andalucia, Spain.
Naturist hikes, nude walks, naked treks are allowed in Spain!

We have itineraries and maps available for 25 local walks, with more being added all the time (please click here for a map showing the location of the walks, along with brief details of each walk). These vary from short walks with little height gain to 17km walks with over 1,200m of height gains, so there's something for every level of experience here. Details of all the walks are available free of charge in the accommodation, along with a selection of photographs showing the highlights of each walk. We also give details of which of the trails are best for which season, as some are more shaded than others, and some trails are more spectacular at different times of the year due to wildflowers, waterfalls or snow.

If nude/naturist hiking is your thing, Spain is a great place to do it! Not only is the weather warm and sunny enough, but it is legal to be naked anywhere in Spain!

There are a some lovely walks in the local Montes de Malaga Parque Natural immediately south of Los Curriches. This heavily forested park has many quiet dirt tracks and paths, so it is ideal for nearby shaded circular walks. For more variety, the other Nature Reserves close to Los Curriches are also recommended, namely El Torcal, El Chorro, Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama.
El Torcal is a small Nature Reserve just west of Los Curriches, and is visible from the property. This area has recently been put forward for recognition as a World Heritage site due to its eroded rock formations of outstanding natural beauty. Over millions of years, the exposed rock layers have eroded at different speeds leaving boulders, pinnacles, caves and other amazing rock formations. Definitely worth a visit! Mountain Ibex are commonly seen here and have got used to visitors, so they aren't camera shy!
El Chorro is also to the west of Los Curriches. The area is based around one of the largest reservoirs in the area, and has spectacular limestone rock formations and undulating forests. The area is also famous for its narrow gorge which is a magnet for rock climbers. And for intrepid hikers, the amazing Kings Path (El Caminito del Rey) has been restored to its former glory. However, tickets are needed for this elevated walkway along the side of the gorge, and it is often completely sold out for months in advance, so if you want to walk it, you should look to book tickets a year ahead!!
To the east of Los Curriches are the Sierra de Tejeda, Sierra de Almijara and Sierra de Alhama Nature Reserves. These 3 adjacent parks are in the mountainous region to the east of Lake Vinuela (a 30 minute drive from here) and offer more challenging hikes than the Montes de Malaga. Mount Maroma is the highest peak in the parks at just over 2000m, and there are numerous routes up it and in its foothills. From the top of Maroma, the whole of the Axarquia region can be seen in all its glory, as well as the Sierra Nevadas further east. These unspoilt and relatively undiscovered parks offer stunning circular walks with ever changing views south to the sea, east to the Sierra Nevadas and west over Lake Vinuela.
North of Los Curriches, and visible across the valley from the cottages, are the 1400 - 1600m Sierra de Camarolos mountains. Although smaller than the mountains to the east, they are still higher than the UK's highest mountain, Ben Nevis! These mountains have amazing rock formations, sheer cliffs, mountain-top meadows and oak-covered hillsides.
If you would like some company on a hike and if we are available, we can go out on one of your hikes with you (and save you doing all the map reading!). If you would like us to drive you to the trailhead, we will make a small charge for this to cover our fuel/car usage (the charge will be dependent on the distance to the trailhead, ranging from 5 to 20 Euros, regardless of the number of people in the car) but we will not make any other charge - so basically this is a free offer to accompany you on a hike if you drive!!

We've put together some example hiking itineraries, to show the range of walks available from Los Curriches. Please see this separate hiking page for more details.

The majority of the walks are best done in proper hiking boots, although a few of the shorter ones (especially Torcal and in the Montes de Malaga) could be walked in trainers. If you are worried about weight because of the ever shrinking airline baggage allowances, consider wearing your boots on the aeroplane and packing your trainers!

We have recently bought a GPS meter and we are in the process of rewalking our favorite hikes using the GPS. If you have a GPS meter, remember to bring it with you along with the interface lead, and we can load the hiking routes into your GPS meter. If you are a fan of Geocaching (a "treasure hunting" sport played throughout the world by people equipped with GPS devices) then you will find at least 100 geocaches in this wonderful hiking area.

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