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Some frequently asked questions!

Do you get many single guys there?Last year, exactly half our bookings were from single guys.

Everyone is very welcome to watch a film with us, join us for a drink (in or out of the hot tub!), and just generally hang out nude with us. So single guys shouldn't feel lonely or left out of any fun ;-)
It would be my first time at a naturist resort Ė I am worried about getting an erection in front of the other guysDonít worry, it happens a lot in such a relaxed and friendly exclusively male environment!
Everyone will just smile and enjoy the view - and probably get one too :-)
Can I have some "fun" at the pool, in the hot tub, or in the sauna?Yes, as long as any other guys there are OK with it - and you don't disturb our neighbours by making too much noise!!
Can I be nude everywhere?Everywhere except the car parking area.
Do I have to be nude all the time there?No, but at least 95% of the guys coming here are nude all the time, so you might feel a little out of place if you donít strip off at the pool.

Donít forget there are quieter areas away from the pool where you can hang out whilst you ease into things.

But beware, once youíve tried nude sunbathing and swimming, you wonít want to stay in a non-naturist place ever again!!
What is the age of the guests?We get all ages from about 25+, but the average age is about 45.
Check in timesYou can arrive at any time during the day. If there is no one leaving the cottage that day, you can gain access immediately. But if someone is leaving that day, you may have to wait by the pool until we have had time to clean the cottage.

But we would appreciate it if you donít arrive after midnight, as it isnít fair on the other guests or our neighbours to arrive that late and possibly disturb them.
Check out timesWe are very flexible on can normally stay in the cottage until you want to leave. But if you have a late flight and there is someone coming into your cottage, you can continue to use the pool area and we will move you (and your bath towels) into our house where you are welcome to shower before leaving.

But we would appreciate it if you donít plan to depart too early (before 7am), as it isnít fair on the other guests or our neighbours to possibly disturb them when you depart.
Do you allow Day Visitors?Sorry, no.
Do you allow overnight visitors in the accommodation?Sorry, no.
Do you accept pets?Sorry, no.

Any other questions? Just ask, we are more than happy to answer ANY questions that you have!

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